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Cross-Hole Deburring Ceramic Sticks

  • The tool head is made of Alumina Fiber abrasive stone.
    Cutting edges are exposed over the entire surface.
  • Flexible shaft allows soft contact with the work piece.
  • Efficient removal of fine burrs where the base thickness is 0.2 mm or less after machining.
  • Ideal for point processing of cross-hole fine deburring.
    (Point processing removes only fine cross-hole burrs; no secondary burrs generated.)
  • Can be used in a machining center, NC lathe, robot, etc. or with hand grinder for manual deburring.


  • This tool can be used not only with a machining center but also with a hand grinder for manual deburring.
  • Point Processing (Insert from Primary Processing Hole)
  • Contouring (Insert from Secondary Processing Hole)

Head Size Selection

  • For point processing through primary hole, select a head size slightly larger then the diameter of the cross-hole.
  • If a smaller head is used, it may deflect into the secondary cross-hole and result in tool breakage.