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Cross-Hole Deburring Brushes

  • Powerful tip grinding with “XEBEC® Cutting Fibers” in rods made of Alumina Fiber abrasive stone.
  • Centrifugal force spreads out the rods and efficiently removes fine burrs in cylinders.
  • Can also be used for polishing or scale removal on inner wall surfaces of cylinders.


  • Recommended operating parameters 8,000 - 10,000 RPM (12,000 Max) at 12 to 15 inches per minute.
  • Removal of fine burrs (base thickness is 0.1mm (.0039”) or less) generated around cross-holes.
  • Polishing of inner wall surfaces of cylinders such as screw holes and removing EDM scale.
  • Polishing the bottom surface of dead-end holes.
  • Product is not well suited for interruptions and
    bores/cylinders with threads as the rapidly- rotating fibers may break when abruptly meeting obstacles.
  • 1.5mm parameters: minimum15,000 RPM,
    recommended 18,000 RPM, maximum 20,000 RPM, feed rate 7 inches per minute.

Operating Precautions

  • Select the brush diameter that corresponds to the diameter of the hole to be processed. ALWAYS insert the brush tip into the bore BEFORE rotating the tool. Using the wrong size tool or rotating the tool outside of the bore can result in tool breakage and possible injury to the operator.

Tool Mounting & Precautions

  • When mounting the tool in a machine spindle, insert the tool shank into the chuck up to the marking on the tool shank 30mm from the tool end. Make certain that the tool is held tightly. Should the operator notice any unusual tool vibration during operation, stop the tool immediately or tool breakage may occur.