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XEBEC Deburring Technologies Advantage

Save time & money! Automate the deburring process.

Xebec Technology Co., LTD offers a wide range of deburring and surface finishing solutions that dramatically improve manufacturing productivity and greatly reduce costs. Xebec products utilize a unique, patented process to produce brushes, sticks and stones of solid ceramic fibers that simply outperform older technologies.

The ceramic fibers are woven to create self-sharpening filaments that maintain consistent cutting action on the tips. Unlike wire and abrasive impregnated nylon brush filaments, the unique design of the Xebec fiber rod maintains its shape with no deformation even after repeated use. This leads to consistent performance time after time.

Ceramic fiber products can be used in CNC, robotic or hand held devices on materials up to 65Rc for:
■ Surface deburring, finishing and polishing
■ Cross hole deburring and bore finishing
■ Polishing of molds and other detailed parts

Consistent Cutting Edges

Even after repeated use, the brushes do not become distorted. The stability of performance makes true automation possible. Particularly since this “controllable brush” constantly maintains its stable cutting power, it is possible to automate the deburring and polishing process.

Through the self-sharpening of cutting edges on the fiber ends, the brushes do not become clogged, and new, fresh cutting edges are always exposed.

Amazing Polishing Ability

Best achievable surface smoothness: Ra=0.1μm The superfine fibers, measured in micrometers, can improve surface roughness in a short time.

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