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Surface Deburring & Finishing

  • Use on machining centers, robots, custom machines and drilling machines – EASY TO AUTOMATE.
  • Superior grinding performance due to the self-sharpening action of the cutting edge of the fine alumina fiber rod tips.
  • The continuous cutting edge provides consistent grinding
  • Simultaneously deburr and finish edges.
  • Improve surface finish in reduced cycle time!
  • Ideal for fine deburring and surface finishing of a wide variety of parts and materials up to 57 Rc.


  • Deburring of fine burrs where the base thickness is 1mm (.040”) or less after machine processing and finishing of edges.
  • Fine deburring of surfaces, edges radiuses and small diameter bores.
  • Precision parts such as automotive engine parts that must be deburred while maintaining edge quality with out secondary burrs.
  • Grinding and finishing of flat surfaces and uneven surfaces.

Brush Selection

  • When selecting a deburring brush, first take into consideration the size of the burr and the work piece material. Blue is the most aggressive & can handle the largest burrs. White is the next aggresive followed by red and pink.
  • Because each application is unique, final choice in selection of deburring brush is dependent upon burr size & your surface finish requirement.

PINK: Softer and more flexible than the white and red versions. It results in no change in part dimensions or features. It is best used for detailed deburring of smaller more intricate parts or soft metals without breaking edges. Ideal for deburring small bores Ø0.3MM.

RED: More flexible and will conform to slight work piece variations. It is best used on burrs that are ≤ 0.1mm (.0039”) in thickness or materials that are less than 45 Rc.

WHITE: More rigid and more aggressive grinding action that will provide longer tool life and run at higher speeds. Best suited for harder materials. Due to its rigidity, it is not best suited for interruptions and uneven surfaces.

BLUE: Most aggressive cutting Fiber. It is three to four times more aggressive than white. It can handle burrs up to 0.5mm when the burr is vertical to the brush tip and 1mm when the burr is horizontal to the brush tip.