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To the Moon and the Stars

Demand for machined aerospace parts and components is skyrocketing. These parts will soon take us back to the moon. Then carry our brave men and women further out, to the surface of new planets, and bring those adventurers safely back home.

As mankind pushes the limits of aeronautics, space flight and communications, our brightest engineers are designing new processes to manufacture the parts and components that will build this future.

engineering space craft of the future
projected growth of the space economy

Trajectory of the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

By reengineering processes and upgrading machinery many manufacturers are modernizing operations to equip themselves for the demands of tomorrow.

The current demand in aerospace manufacturing is accelerating, with no signs of letting up. It may feel like you can’t produce parts fast enough. This can add increased pressure to process engineers to develop new systems that speed up production. So, how do you increase volume without sacrificing quality?

Engineering to meet production goals for aerospace parts

Are You Prepared to Meet Your Production Goals?

You can rise to meet the growing demand for your components by automating the finishing process - cutting production time, and ensuring consistent quality in your operations. Learn how to modernize your processes for aerospace parts in the free interactive e-book: Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Aerospace Parts - Deburring & Finishing

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Learn how to modernize deburring and finishing for your aerospace parts

Safety Warning

Cutting fiber brushes and stones are cutting tools and are often rotated at high speeds with a power tool or in a machine tool. They should never be operated at higher than the maximum speeds listed. When using these tools, safety glasses and gloves should be worn. Breathing the dust created by using these products for prolonged periods of time should be avoided.